After-hours club.
Evolution second year
# to be
# authentic drive
# intuition
# shadow
# sensitivity and vibe
# complex feelings
# effortlessness
# neuroleadership
# power and influence
# depth and search for the unconventional
# group dynamics
# sex and meaning
# intimacy
# symbols and meta language
A law of nature, relatively recently discovered, states that evolution is not limited to the Earth, it also happens in planets, stars, atoms, minerals and other complex systems.

We believe it’s a serious challenge for us, we’ve got to keep up, since all complex natural systems evolve to states of higher diversity, structure and complexity.

We propose a continuation of the journey

Evolution After-hours is a process of delving deeper into the ambiguous and paradoxical subjects we barely touched upon during the first Evolution.

And now we’re ready to go in with both feet, through a game, escaping the boundaries of the habitual and relying on what we have already tried (action logics and evolution stages, quadrants, polarities, stakeholders, mindfulness, large systems, spinners, assumptions and so much more).

All meetings will be hybrid; however, offline participation is preferable. Every session is independent, i.e. can be taken without pre-requisites

150,000 rubles
150,000 rubles
150,000 rubles
200,000 rubles
The whole system is a la carte – join us for any Meeting of your choice, and if a subject strikes a chord with you, you can delve deeper and leverage other After-hours Club formats:
  • Evo supervisions – individual sessions with Alex Murzov, Eugenia Karabanova, Max Nikitin or Eugenia Volyanskaya @ 45,000 / hr.
  • Evo Gym – individual practice sessions @ 20,000 / hr.
  • Performances – moderated tailor-made meetings on essential topics @ 15,000 / 2hrs online.
  • 1:1 – individual sessions with other participants
  • Cohorts – open enrollment meetings focusing on case practice
  • Practices – to help you dive deeper and integrate new methods in your work and life. 10,000 / 2 hrs.